Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives

Our range of methyl methacrylate adhesives (also called MMA adhesives) inclcues the SAF methalcrylates from AEC Polymers. We also stock the MS Polymer® Black Mamba range which excels where elastic construction joints are required.

(See also the Filled/Structural and Bonding sections of the epoxy pages).

SAF methalcrylates

SAF methyl methacrylate adhesives from AEC Polymers - the new generation of methalcrylate (MMA adhesives) structural adhesives incorporating nano-technology from the Arkema Group.

The SAF products are available as:

  • SAF30 – in 5, 15 and 45mins handling time.
  • SAF30 MIB - Metal Impact Bonding. A 60% elongation version for bonding metal to composites.
  • SAF30 LOT - Long Open Time. For bonding large structures such as hull/deck or windblades.
  • SAF150 - 150% elongation for bonding composites to plastics (thermoplastics).

Compared to other MMAs, the world-patented SAF range offers:

  • Higher Lap Shear Strength
  • No SAG at all on vertical surfaces
  • Retains all of its properties  between -40°C and 180°C
  • Offers M1/F1 fire accreditation
  • No primer required

SAF vs Epoxy head to head

  Epoxy SAF®
Primerless adhesion on a wide variety of substrates Requires surface pre-treatment No sandblasting and primer is needed
Modulus >10 N/mm2 2-15 N/mm2
Elongation <5% 30 - 400%
Bond strength (LSS) 15-30 N/mm2 5-25 N/mm2
Peel strength Low High
Vibration absorbtion Poor Excellent
Temperature resistance -40°C - 120°C -40°C - 150°C
Weather resistance and general durability Excellent Excellent
UV-resistant (non-yellowing, non-cracking) Yellowing under sunlight or UV Excellent in UV and sunlight resistance
Shrinkage after cured <1% <1%
Curing speed Slow in curing, needs 48hrs for full cure Can acheive 80% of full strength within 2 hours

As well as the high lap shear strength offered by the SAF range, the other advantages are:

  • 80% of mechanical properties after 2 hours
  • Lower specific gravity than epoxy, so a lighter joint
  • No post-cure required
  • SAF can be sanded and painted directly
How to buy
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We are the UK Composite distributors for the AEC Polymers range of structural adhesives and sealants. AEC Polymers are a part of the global Arkema Group.

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