Composite Core Materials

A range of products for core materials in composites.

ArmaFORM® PET structural foam

PET foam is a very cost-effective replacement for PVC, SAN or balsa. It offers similar mechanical properties, plus a high operating temperature and, being thermoplastic, has a high tolerance to damage and outstanding fatigue properties.

Matrix are distributors for the Armacell?s ArmaFORM? structural PET foam, which was the first commercially available PET core for composites, introduced back in 2007. The core is now used extensively in the European wind-blade, marine and transportation industries. Find out more about ArmaFORM? PET core

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3D-Core is a foam composite core material of honeycomb elements connected to each other with small joints.

  • Can easily be draped
  • Good resin flow
  • Optimized weight-performance
  • Saves time and money

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CorecorkCORECORK is a composite core material made from controlled density cork granules and specific binder.

The cork closed cells have a natural honeycomb structure offering low density, high compressibility and excellent recovery characteristics.

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