3-D Core

3-D core material3D-Core is a foam core of honeycomb elements connected to each other with small joints.


3D-CORE can easily be draped
to form 3-dimensional shapes and contours - following the contour of the mould.

Good resin flow
The 3-D Core structure generates a perfect system of venting and filling channels.

3D-CORE can be drapedOptimized weight-performance and better properties
improves shear, compression and tensile strength

Saves time
Improves production flow - some users report saving more than 50% of processing time.

Saves money
you can experience significant savings in fibre and resin.


Range of foam cores with 3D-CORE

Product Description Polymer
E|XPS™ Foam from XPS Extruded polystyrene
E|PET™ Foam from PET Polyethylene terephthalate
E|PUR™ Foam from PUR/PIR Polyurethane
E|PIR™ Non flammable foam from PIR with reduced drapeability Polyisocyanurate

More information on the 3D-CORE website

3D-CORE stocked by Matrix

PET - 100 kg/m3

Example applications

If you need high strength and low weight, 3D-CORE is strongly recommended.

  • Marine - deck and hull applications - including vacuum injection
  • Automotive - ideal composite monocoque and semi monocoque structures for prototypes and low volume production.
  • Personal Protection - for example helmets and car safety components
  • Aviation - the unrivalled stability and lightweight construction of 3D-CORE also finds its place in aircraft construction.
  • Wind power - the tecnical properties of 3D-CORE are ideal for the use in windpower turbines.



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