Fast Cure Epoxy

We stock a range of Sicomin fast curing epoxy resisn. Starting from standard epoxy systems curing in a few minutes at high temperature, Sicomin has developed solutions for very large parts that need very long working time to lay up the part but fast curing for quick mould rotations.

This latest generation of very long working time and very fast curing epoxy systems have been developed with an added feature - visual curing control - the colour of the laminate changes with the progression of the cure cycle. This allows shop floor operators or quality inspectors to quickly and easily identify a a process fault such as an oven failure.

SR 8500 / SZ 8525 fast cure epoxy

Product Description

  • Fast and Clear Epoxy System for large scale production.
  • Low viscosity
  • Short cycle times hot process:  10 minutes at 100 ?C or 20? at 90 ?C.
  • Clear system after cure
How to buy
Not available online yet.Contact us to order or find out more

SR 1280 / SZ 851x fast curing epoxy resin

Product Description

  • Very fast curing epoxy resin system at temperatures from 60?C.
  • The initial color of the mix is very clear resin, however the colour changes during the cure and with the reticulation level to dark brown colour.
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • This system is well adapted for tooling or industrial parts working up to 120 ?C
How to buy
Not available online yet.Contact us to order or find out more

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