Epoxy Resin For Wood

Wood is an excellent material for marine construction and its associated use with modern wood epoxy resins has greatly enhanced its potential.

The Sicomin research team has devoted considerable time and resource into developing epoxy resins systems specifically suited for wood applications. The SR5550 epoxy resin for wood can be used for marine composites and for bonding, lamination and wood protection.

Wood epoxy resin kit SR5550 for laminating, bonding and fillets

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Comparative Chart - Epoxy Systems - Wood

 Weight ratio 100 g + .. gVolume ratioPot-life for 500g mix at 20?CMix viscosity at 20?C (CPs)Tack at 20? CTG 1 Max ?CSanding at 25? C
SR 5550
SR 5550 / SD 5502283 / 12H15/100g mix6004 H 206412 H
SR 5550 / SD 5503293 / 13H30/100g mix6903 H 30648 H
SR 5550 / SD 5504293 / 137mn/100g mix8002 H 30626 H
SR 5550 / SD 5505293 / 135mn/100g mix1 0502 H 15635 H
SR 5550 / SD 5506293 / 120mn/100gmix1 0901 H 35-2 H 30
SR 8450
SR 8450 / SD 8451452 / 19 H 0073010 - 11 H67-
SR 8450 / SD 8453452 / 12 H 401 2005 H76-
SR 8450 / SD 8454452 / 170 m1 5003 H 3070-
  • Especially formulated for building wood epoxy marine composites and used extensively for bonding, lamination and wood protection
  • Excellent adhesion to all type of woods
  • Adjustable working times make it a convenient and easy to use product
  • Features low viscosity and is crystallization free

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