Vacuum Bag Film and Sealant

Our range of vacuum consumables is very simple - one type of vacuum bag film, one breather, one infusion mesh, one bleed-film and one type of vacuum bag sealant (tacky tape). Lots of different widths, all in stock, all great value. We also sell peelply.

We have partnered with a number of European suppliers for most of the products, ensuring great quality and a first-class service.

See also: peelply and peelply tape

Vacuum consumables

Product Widths available Roll length
Vacuum bag film
Pink, 50µ, 170°C, (not for autoclaves)
2.2m width in V sheet
1.5m 50m2
 as above 1.5m 150m2
 as above 2.2m V 150m2
Breather (bleed cloth)
150 g/m2, 200°C
1.52m 100 lm
Bleed film (bread wrap), but not release film 95cm 596 lm
Infusion mesh, knitted polyethylene 
High-flow, drapeable, clear, 80°C
2.0m 100 lm
Tacky tape (vacuum bag sealant tape) 
Black, 12mm width x 3mm thickness, 150 °C
singles 15 m
 as above box of 22 15 m
PTFE Tool Release Fabric
Woven glass, non-porous, nominal thickness 0.125mm, 240 °C
1.0m 30m
Flash Tape, blue
Polyester with silicone adhesive, 50mm x 66m, 200 °C
50mm 66

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